E&C eliminates the difficulties encountered by companies during the recruiting process. We utilize an industry specific network, wealth of industry knowledge and a direct recruiting approach to targeted candidates. These characteristics ensure that the most difficult and time sensitive searches are completed in a professional, thorough and confidential manner.


Today's ever-changing marketplace is forcing even the most sophisticated and forward thinking companies to adjust their business plans and strategies to meet new challenges. The consultants representing E&C Services possess an incomparable level of job specific experience to guide this industry. These individuals are able to effectively counsel, train and represent an organization during the corporate initiatives. 


"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things."
Peter F. Drucker, Political Economist and Author.


With the uncertainty associated with expansion, diversification or instituting new initiatives, a long-term commitment is difficult to justify. It is even more difficult to establish a budget or approve the cost of reassigning an individual or division, which will take away from their primary business focus. 

E&C Services is able to offer the guidance and leadership of experienced & respected Associates representing their specific job specialty. These individuals can research, train, recommend and even champion the initiatives set forward. This can be done without dramatically affecting the current operation and at a lower cost than self-driven initiatives.

Our rigorous search process involves: 

E&C Services will develop an understanding of our client's history, philosophy, culture and position requirements to determine the realistic goal of the assignment.  It is through this consultive approach that a realistic and effective strategy is created.

Assignment Strategy

E&C will conduct thorough industry research and prospect identification to develop a comprehensive search plan ensuring a smooth recruiting process is developed.   Combining a deep industry knowledge base alongside an extensive industry specific database, E&C is able to create a thorough recruiting plan to target any and all prospective candidates.


Direct recruiting methods are utilized to present the opportunity to industry leaders, peers and prospective candidates.  This tailer approach will ensure that a group of qualified and interested candidates is generated to meet the client's predetermined requirements. 

Interviewing Process:
E&C's recruitment team will review a complete summary of the candidates profiles (the most qualified and interested individuals) with the client to determine the most qualified candidates to interview.  At this point the interivew process will be coordinated with E&C acting as the guide as it relates to logistics, interview preparation, debriefing and coordination of any testing or necessary corporate applications are completed.  Through this interview process formal references are completed focusing on all aspects of a candidate's character, their technical capabilites and their overall viability prior to a final decision being made. 

Final Negotiations:
Once the client has selected a prospective candidate, E&C Services will provide guidance in the creation of a appropriate and mutually agreeable offer and then assist in the offer process to prevent any mis-communication(s). 

Quality Control:
E&C Services will act as a liaison to the client and candidate before and after the resignation process to assist in all activities necessary to complete the transition process (relocation, drug testing, counter-offer preparation, benefits transference, start date, vacations, etc). Once a candidate has started, E&C will periodically speak with the client and the newly hired employee to ensure a smooth post hire process.

E&C is committed to and accountable for completing assignments with a sense of urgency, thoroughness, professionalism and a realistic approach to ensure quality results. Each Executive search assignment is tailored to a client's unique requirements.


Search Experience:

Our industry specific experience includes recruiting for a wide variety of management positions for a diverse portfolio of clients. Position examples include:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Facilties Director
  • Director of Capital Projects
  • Business Unit President 
  • Director of Health Care
  • Vice President of Real Estate
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Commissioning
  • Supply Chain Director
  • C.E.O.
  • Country Manager
  • Health System Director
  • Safety Director
  • Director (Board of Directors)
  • Director of Architecture
  • Chief Engineer
  • VP of Operations
  • VP of Sales-US Operations
  • Director of Project Management
  • VP of Service
  • Chief Engineer
  • Regional Manager
  • Project Director
  • Controller
  • Director of Business Development
  • Corporate Scheduling Manager
  • Director of Pre-Construction
  • General Superintendent
  • Area Property Manager
  • Plant Manager


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