Outplacement Services

In this day of mergers and acquisitions, the commitment of organizations to Executives and Managers in career transition is heightened.  From our experiences, we have found this to be particularly true for industries which are 'people' oriented; such as Engineering, Construction, Health Care, and Manfacturing.  Therefore, we have developed an approach specializing to our core industries which far more successful than traditional counseling services.

E&C Services has an unparalleled knowledge of the E&C industry, the resources available to this marketplace and the traditional skills necessary to counsel each individual through all aspects of career transition.

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail."
Mike Murdock, speaker & author 


Executive Transition Program-This service offers the highest level of preparation, resources, counseling and industry knowledge available to assist senior executives during their transition period. Due to the unique prospective and current stage of life associated with these executives, a hands-on and customized approach is critical to effectively counsel and guide the process.

Management Training & Advisement Program
-An unparalleled training and advisement program has been created and can be customized to meet the requirements from the most senior manager to the most junior level administrator. The in-depth counseling, resources, and training provided will give any individual within the E&C community all of the tools necessary to handle the difficult task of career transition.

General Support Program
-Due to the budgetary constraints that are sometimes prevalent during an organization's transition period, it is frequently difficult to offer the full level of services that may be needed by the executive. These issues do not lesson the necessity or obligation for an effective career-counseling program. E&C Services offers a unique-industry specific counseling programs that the most seasoned general industry career counselors are unable to match.  We work as an off-shoot to our client's Human Resources department to create a program that meets their specific needs.

Career Counseling Seminars-Career Counseling seminars are designed to create a small group forum with open dialog and presentations from industry specific counselors in relation to all aspects associated with career transitioning.


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