Today's ever-changing marketplace is forcing even the most sophisticated and forward thinking companies to adjust their business plans and strategies to meet new challenges.  The consultants representing E&C Services possess an incomparable level of job specific experience to guide our industry. These individuals are able to effectively counsel, train and represent an organization during Human Resources corporate initiatives.


"It is what you learn after you think you know everything that counts."
John Wooden, former head basketball coach, UCLA

With the uncertainty associated with expansion, diversification or instituting new corporate initiatives, changes and the cost of these changes are difficult to justify.  It is even more difficult to establish an appropriate budget or approve the cost of financial commitment necessary to hire a new staff or reassigning an individual, division or business unit, which will take away from their primary business focus. 

E&C Services is able to offer the guidance and leadership of experienced & respected Associates representing their specific job specialty. These individuals can research, train, recommend and even champion the initiatives set forward. This can be done without dramatically affecting the current operation and at a lower cost than self-driven initiatives.

Our management consulting services include:

  • Organizational development
  • Industry analysis
  • Competitor research 
  • Executive initiatives 
  • Procurement/purchasing 
  • Project management 
  • Marketing/Business Development 
  • E-business 
  • Administrative 
  • Human Resources 
  • Industry Mergers & Acquistion guidance

Service offerings can be performed on a short-term assignment (less than two weeks), or an extended assignment (durations lasting upwards of 6 months). After the initial assignment's objectives have been met, each Associate is committed to be available to the client for additional quality control service as structured under the terms of the initial agreement.

To inquire about a particular individual representing a specific functionality, please contact E&C Services so we can schedule a preliminary investigation/strategy call.


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