Consulting Assignments

Today's ever-changing marketplace is forcing even the most sophisticated and forward thinking companies to adjust their business plans and strategies to meet new challenges. The consultants representing E&C Services possess an incomparable level of job specific experience to guide this industry. These individuals are able to effectively counsel, train and represent an organization during the corporate initiatives. 


"Sometimes it takes an expert to point out the obvious."
Scott Allen, author

Examples of Management Consulting Assignments have included:

  • Consulted numerous companies and individuals in relation to non-compete clauses and the legitimacy of individual agreements.
  • Was retained to offer a project team analysis for an Afghanistan Project Operation for a U.S. Based Contractor.
  • Was retained to identify a Board of Directors comprised of a team of Industry leaders for a start-up E-commerce company.
  • Was retained to offer a Project team analysis for a $1+ billion oil & gas project Operation for a U.S. Based E&C company for projects in Calgary/Ft. McMurray, Canada.
  • Revamped a national contractor's hiring process which included position description creation, interviewing structure and process, and candidate follow-up procedures.
  • Created an expansion plan for a National Utility Contractor with a focus on acquisitions and the symmetry of the post acquisition phase.
  • Provided Succession/Restructuring consultation for a Multi-Layered Construction Services Contractor in Missouri.
  • Provided competitive industry research of the Utility Construction industry in the Southeastern U.S.
  • Initiated, managed and facilitated the acquisition of a $20+ million entity for a $1+ Billion general contractor for a company in North Carolina.
  • Acted as the in-house outplacement arm for an international EPCM firm with a recent counseling seminar in Ohio for 40+ engineer,
  • Created an Angel financing plan for an e-commerce company based in Greenville, SC.
  • Provided a summation of the largest U.S. based Engineering & Construction companies relocation policy for an international EPC organization in Houston, TX.
  • Developed, implemented and executed a sales presentation for a Regional Architectural firm, based in Pittsburgh, PA focusing on institutional projects.
  • Speaker for Construction industry forums-HRCC, CWA, CBMA, etc. over the past 10 years.



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